Be Part of the AAU Global Basketball Village

More Australian juniors playing College hoops depends on you!

Your coaching academy or school program is critical to the success and growth of Australian junior basketball. It’s a big call, but it is also a fact. 

Quality, accessible and professional coaching is a genuine missing link in the development of our natural, raw athletes into refined and skilled players.

While the Australian basketball system lays a solid foundation for our talent, it is your program that will elevate your players’ skillset, confidence, and total game.

We WANT your program to succeed. Australian basketball NEEDS your program to succeed. AAU Australia knows that it takes a village to raise a basketballer, and we are determined to create a basketball village that honours and embraces your program’s potential to take your athletes to the next level.

How can we help?
We have three significant elements that can help attract players to your program.

    1. AAU Tournaments and Events. Right now you have limited opportunity, or no opportunity at all, to impart your on-court learning and wisdom to your charges. It’s a vital, missing element of your mentorship, and your students are worse off because of it. Truth is, if their rep, state, school or even domestic coach won’t let them handle the ball, take that step-back three, or attempt any skill you’re teaching them, then it doesn’t get implemented into their game, and their development stops! Your teams participating in AAU Australia tournaments and events help your kids put your coaching and on-court guidance into practice in team and individual settings. Importantly, this cements your position as their basketball Sensei!!
    1. College Bound Will Work to Your Players’ Benefit. Another great missing link in Aussie basketball is sports science data, game stats and film. College Bound has created skill testing systems and a sports science package for the purpose of generating data, physical improvement; and in partnership with BALLERtv, has a solution for game stats and film. We will deliver our College Bound testing regime in sessions at your facilities, and accept game stats and film from your players for sharing into our Coach Connex network of US College coaches searching for Aussie talent.
  1. Coach Connex Will Help Your Students Get RecruitedAAU Australia’s Coach Connex is a network of more than 100 men’s and women’s US college coaches actively looking for Aussie talent. By partnering with us in our basketball village initiative, our network becomes your network, but you own the success of your players being recruited.

How does it work?
Opportunity fuels growth. By providing the following opportunities, we know your students will grow, your program will grow, and more Aussie kids will make it to college basketball.

Step 1:
Your club, school or academy program becomes an AAU Australia member for the cost of $250 per annum.

Step 2:
All kids in your program join as AAU Athlete Members for $35 per annum, per person.

Step 3:
Your program receives the following exclusive benefits:

  1. 20% team registration discount to AAU Australia tournaments
  2. 20% individual registration discount to AAU Australia College Bound showcase events
  3. BALLERtv coverage at all AAU Australia events and College Bound showcases and 1 free Event Pass for you as Head Coach
  4. Annual onsite College Bound skills testing for the cost of $50 per person at your location 
  5. Individual player profiles
  6. Player data and film provided to AAU Australia’s Coach Connex network
  7. National player ranking by age
  8. National program rankings
  9. Free promotion of your program
Grow Your Program, Grow the Game. Having an ally with the reach and recognition of the AAU is a unique experience, and one that will grow your program and allow you to achieve your goals as a passionate mentor of youth basketballing talent. Click below to register your interest, or invest in your annual AAU Club membership and initiate the next steps of becoming a part of a global basketball village.

Keep your players loyal to your program by giving them not only your expert guidance and training, but real and affordable opportunities to achieve their dreams and play College hoops

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