AAU Cup Day Pop-Up Guide

AAU Cup Day Pop-Up Information for Participants


How to Make the Day a Success

The following is an outline of how the Cup Day Pop-Up event will work  this week at Hoops247, 41 Princes Highway, Dandenong South.


Firstly, all players must be registered prior to the event. If you show and your name is not on the list, you may not be able to play. Response to the event has been strong and we currently are full.


Secondly, it is absolutely critical that you not attend the event if you are suffering from anything that is like a cold or flu symptom. This includes, but should not be limited to: sore throat, elevated temperature, runny nose, headache, etc. If this is you, please stay home and get tested. You will be refunded if this happens to you.


Thirdly, a COVID check-in is required by our venue partner. Go to this link to familiarise yourself with their simple process.


Because of the COVID check-in, and player check-in process, we need you to arrive at least 45 minutes before games start. The first games will be the 14U boys which commence at 9:45am. So, please arrive by 9am.


After you have checked in, and if you are coming without a team assignment, you will be placed in teams by the Event Staff. Please cooperate with their requests and maintain a polite demeanour at all times. Be patient and everything will be sorted.


It’s very important all participants understand that the purpose of this event is not for a full-blown ‘Championship’ in the style of other events such as Big Chill or Spring Madness. The intent is to get everyone on court and playing, which is the best way possible to prepare for upcoming domestic and rep seasons. As such, the structure is far looser than those other events and is more in a ‘pick up’ style. Things will happen on the fly. Players may get changed around in their teams before the first game to ensure we have balance and the kids all have ample game time opportunities. And they will almost certainly play with teammates they don’t know.


This of course is the beauty of basketball, that it’s the opportunity to make new friends and learn social skills. We make no apologies about that and trust that everyone will be in the mindset of making the day work.


There will be limited coaching, and players will be calling their own fouls. A challenge in some ways but also a style that will encourage cooperation and esprit de corps. It’s a format that can really help players develop outside of the rigid structure that they have so far been exposed to, and it will enhance their game.

How the Day Will Run

After COVID and registration Check-In, players will be assigned to teams, receive their uniform (both only if needed), and then take time to warm up and familiarise themselves with their new teammates. This will be their team for the entire event.


The teams allocated into groups of 4 teams and will play 2 pool games and then, based on standings, will play the 3rd game of 1 v 2 and 3 v 4. That will be the conclusion of the event.


If there are 3 teams in an age group (likely to be the case for 18U Girls), each team will play the other once, and 1 v 2 will play off for the ‘title’.

The game times for age groups are as follows:


14U Boys – 9:45, 11:15, 12:45.

18U Girls – 10:30, 12pm, 1:30pm

16U Boys – 2:30pm, 3:55pm, 4pm, 4:45pm, 5:30pm, 6:15pm


Your age group is determined by your age on September 1, this year. If you were 16 on that date, you will play 16U in the Pop Up no matter what your age is today. That means you could have turned 17, but you will still play 16&U. As the rule applies to all it ensures that the age group is the right place for you. 



18 and 21U Mens will play today from 5:30pm (18s). They will have received updated details of the structure of their event via text.


Via the email that each player registered, they will receive a link to the game film for each game they participate in within a couple of days from the conclusion of the event. Players will be able to download the games, use them for coaching and analysis purposes, and of course, make highlight tapes.


Each team will need to supply a scorer.


The venue is able to accommodate spectators up to its capacity limits as dictated by the Government occupant density requirements. All spectators must follow the COVID check-in requirements, and wear face masks at all times they are indoors.


There will be food and drink available via the Venue cafeteria.


If there are questions, please contact the Event Team on team@aauaustralia.com.au, or via WhatsApp or text to 0406 030 937.

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