AAU Insurance Upgrade Provides Real Benefits

Enhanced benefits to protect players, coaches, academies

AAU Australia has announced its Sports Injury insurance benefits for current and prospective athlete members, reports Head of Sport, Brett Stringer.


“It’s absolutely critical that our athletes are protected properly when they train for, play in, or travel to any AAU Australia event. We’re so excited to announce that through working with our insurer we’ve upgraded the medical benefits significantly; and while we truly hope no one is ever hurt in any way, we feel that everyone involved can rest assured in the scope of the insurance, and level of coverage.”


It's absolutely critical that our athletes are protected properly when they train for, play in or travel to any AAU Australia event...Through working with our insurer we've upgraded the medical benefits significantly.

Brett Stringer, Head of Sport

Under the terms of the policy, members injured in AAU Australia-sanctioned events will receive a maximum benefit of $5,000 per injury to cover any non-Medicare expenses incurred in their treatment. 


“But wait, there’s more,” quips Stringer. “Very importantly, Athlete members, their AAU affiliated clubs or academies and administrators are benefited by the scope of cover which means they are fully protected when training or travelling to AAU Australia events as well. This is important and extends the peace-of-mind our Sports Injury insurance offers.”


As Stringer further explains, private academy operators and their students stand to gain from the coverage.


“It’s very significant that athletes, parents, guardians, coaches and academy operators understand that they are covered by this insurance when they become affiliated to AAU Australia as clubs and as members. Further to that, this means that if any of those affiliates or independent organisations in any part of Australia organise an event that we auspice then all athlete participants, their clubs and coaching staff, who are AAU members will be covered. This removes a significant barrier for organisers; to know that there is access to such a comprehensive insurance program for their own events at such a low cost. We encourage affiliated clubs and academies to organise their own events and our insurance will facilitate this.”


Details of AAU Australia’s Sports Injury Cover will be added to the website in coming days, visit our website here.  

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