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Easter Showcase

As the event suggests, this is your chance to showcase your skills to an eagerly watching group of NCAA coaches looking for hidden Aussie talent. With more than 40 NCAA coaches watching, you can finally put yourself on the radar and get some notice. Includes the regular AAU inclusions of games filmed by BallerTV, and stats kept and provided. (More…)

And if College exposure is not your thing, come and be exposed to quality players in your age that you might not play against otherwise and discover what your true basketball potential is. Suits teams of mates, schools, clubs, and private academies. For individuals wanting to play, we will refer you to AAU clubs who are putting teams together, and who offer training, quality coaching, etc. to help maximise your experience.

Entries close strictly on April 1, 2021. DO NOT MISS THIS! There is also a strict no-pay, no-play policy and all participants MUST HAVE CURRENT AAU MEMBERSHIP upon arrival and check in on day 1.

Big Chill Winter Classic

Cast off your mid-winter blues and enjoy 4 days of quality games in the quest to be crowned Big Chill Winter Champion of the AAU. All games to be filmed, streamed live and available on replay and download through BallerTV. We will have our ever growing network of College coaches watching, and you will be seen and discovered if you have the game. (More…)

Bring your teams from wherever you are. Rep, Domestic, School, Academies, and just groups of mates. But, the level will be high so make sure you are up for the competition and ready for exposure to your basketball potential, and maybe even your basketball future. Trophies will be on offer for the champion teams – not THE RINGS – but quality trophies all the same.

Come play with some of the best kids going around and test your game. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve.
Entries close strictly on June 20, 2021. There is also a strict no-pay, no-play policy and all participants MUST HAVE CURRENT AAU MEMBERSHIP upon arrival and check in on day 1.

Spring Madness 3.0

This is the one if you want the Ring in Spring. And it won’t come easy. Past years competition has been hot, with high level players and teams, balling out for the title of Spring Madness Champion. Our coach network will be eagerly watching, ready to jump on the talent that shows up and shows out. Are they looking for you?(More…)

Put a quality team together, bring an existing team, or join an AAU club and you could be wearing the ring with pride all Summer long. You may already have plenty of bling or other jewellery, but none of it compares to the hard work the Spring Madness champions ring represents.

If you haven’t played Spring Madness before, make this your time to get onboard. You will not be disappointed.

Secure your team place today with a $100 deposit. Entries in 18U and 21U Mens or Women’s comp close strictly on December 14, 2021. For the 14U and 16U Boys and Girls comp, entries close December 15.

All players and team coaches must be current AAU members before the event starts.

Coach Connex

If you are serious about playing US College basketball, Coach Connex is for you.

Who is talking about you in College Basketball?

That’s right!! Is your name on any NCAA Coach’s lips? If not, then your dreams of playing may be finished before they started.

Being on the radar is one thing, but being in the recruiting conversation is completely another, and difficult too accomplish without someone who knows your game working on your behalf.

Coach Connex takes you out of the inboxes – where you are one among hundreds of other hopefuls, and puts you into the conversation. 

Watch the video to hear from AAU Australia’s Head of Recruiting, Coach Kevin Hamilton, Sr., to understand how he helps Coach Connex be the pathway you need to NCAA basketball.

Is Coach Connex For You?

Coach Connex is for serious ballers only who have a burning desire to play basketball at the highest level they can.

If you’re prepared to do the work, we have the connections and talent ID reputation to get you into the conversation. 

Coach Connex offers something no other program like this in Australia/NZ does: the direct access to all levels of college coaches and programs.

Not a few coaches, with a handful of spots. Not emails hoping someone will look at your highlight tape. 

Our name is respected by coaches. Coach Hamilton and his team’s solid recruiting reputation means head coaches take his calls…or call him back.

And when they call him back, they listen, they look at your film, and they will know your name. If your game has what it takes, you will be on the radar.

We don’t promise you a scholarship or even an offer. But we will get you out of a coach’s inbox and into the conversation. Your game will do the rest!

We don’t do this with a handful of schools. We do this with the NCAA, NAIA, and JUCOs across America.

You will be blown away by what we can do for you.

How do I Get Involved?

To start with, play AAU basketball in any one of our events, such as the upcoming AAU21 calendar.

Coach Hamilton and his team will be watching, looking for talent like you.

Secondly, get your game evaluated by Coach. The evaluation gives you a 360 degree view of your game, to help you know where you sit and what you can achieve.

If you are College ready right now, we will offer you a place in the Coach Connex program. If you need more work, we can help you, or direct you to good resources to assist.

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