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The global leader in junior sports and elite pathway development, the Amateur Athletic Union, or AAU , has arrived in Australia. With almost 140 years as the number one breeding 

ground for sporting greatness in the USA, Australia’s talented and enthusiastic youth athletes now have an additional pathway to achieving their sporting, and life, dreams.

AAU Australia recognises the enormous talent present in Australian junior sport. We also know that based on talent, and the right work ethic, many more could and should be making it to the highest levels of competition, and even onto the world stage, but due to the limited resources of current pathways, are lacking opportunities.

AAU Australia offers this opportunity for athletes to compete at the highest level through tournaments and events run according to the AAU’s strict standards. Through participation in AAU-sanctioned events, and with AAU 

Australia’s focus on creating a stage for these young athletes to perform, we know that not only will many more kids get the opportunity to progress to the highest level, but an even larger number will stay engaged with the sport(s) they love and satisfy their thirst for achievement.

With almost 140 years as the number one breeding ground for sporting greatness in the USA, Australia’s talented and enthusiastic youth athletes now have an additional pathway to achieving their sporting, and life, dreams.

AAU Australia will support our young student/athletes to ‘Make Opportunities Happen’.

Who Can Play AAU Australia?

You can, that’s who! ​

AAU Australia events are open to all youth athletes in our selected sports.
Reputation, where you live, your current team are all meaningless in AAU sport. What matters most is to participate and rise to the top.

Most Australian sports are structured with a local club or domestic framework that feeds into a regional representative team environment. Playing Rep sport is a wonderful experience for many as coaching and competition is often a higher quality. But does that mean only the best athletes play in representative teams? No way. Australian junior sport is loaded with talented girls and boys who never play rep sport. For most, failure to make a rep team is the end of their hopes for elite sporting participation. Not any more!

Inability to play at the Representative level may occur for a host of reasons, many of which are often outside of the youth athlete’s control. AAU Australia will help keep our youth athletes’ dreams of achieving their highest aspiration through providing elite events without huge barriers to entry, and more participation options. We will provide a level of competition that is accessible to all, whether a representative player or not. And through our ground breaking partnerships, will add value to an athletes participation and desire to ‘be seen’.

What We Do

AAU Australia, backed by the combined wisdom and experience of our parent body, the AAU, will host and sanction events that stimulate participation, address sporting and social fundamentals, and provide for athlete aspirations. 

Aspiring Athletes

Australian junior athletes have no idea just how good they really are on a global scale. This statement can be applied across the board of Australian youth sport. The purpose of AAU Australia is to help our young, awesome and talented athletes to realise this, and then, realise their true potential.

The AAU Australia motto of ‘Make Opportunities Happen’ really underpins everything we believe in and do. We provide the opportunities, and the athletes make it happen. AAU Australia events will provide excellent opportunities for exposure to this higher level – to be seen. Our partnerships will provide further opportunities to be seen by scouts and coaches at the next level, and open doors previously closed to the vast majority of our talented youth. 

The AAU Australia pathway suits all athletes no matter their current competition or form of the sport being played. Whether playing your local domestic comp, in a weekend schools comp, or at the rep levels, AAU Australia events will assist you live out your sporting dreams.

Becoming Better People

Sport has an amazing ability to teach life skills. From the value of team work and the skill of communication, to the ethics of fairness, honesty and accountability. A child, lit up by the thrill of a sport and the potential for greatness, will often work hard, develop resilience and tenacity, and many other skills valued in the adult world, in pursuit of their dream. We advocate strongly that youth athletes should dream. Our complete focus is to help those dreams take form and become achievable. While we know in reality the chances of becoming a pro athlete, gold medallist or world champion are statistically slender, it is the reaching for those goals that brings the real benefit of sports. Every dream needs a chance to develop…an opportunity. And every opportunity needs to have a purpose. Through AAU Australia, there are opportunities for growth and development, along side opportunities for exposure. Exposure in this context means getting our aspiring athletes exposed to anything that will make them better, or exposed to those who may value their talents and can provide further opportunity at a higher level of competition.

AAU Australia believes that many more young Australian athletes can and should be competing at a higher level. That achieving this aim is only limited by the exposure our athletes receive to these higher levels. We know the future for our junior athletes is bright, and we are here to help them shine.


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