Through the partnerships we have developed, an opportunity to create a unique basketball tour experience that maximises College exposure opportunities has been created.

Originally planned to run in November 2020, but now, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and the financial impacts, is set to run in March/April 2021, our AAU All Stars USA College Tour will provide an amazing platform for eligible players to showcase their talent directly to US College coaches.

If you are serious about College Recruitment, born between ’00 and ’02, finished with High School but lacking offers, this will be an amazing opportunity to put your game and your name before real coaches looking for Aussie talent.

Play Against Actual College Squads and Unsigned HS Senior Prospects

This tour will give players the opportunity to play real games against real College squads and other recruiting prospects, not only giving the College coach an opportunity to see you live, but any College coach the ability to accurately compare you to American athletes, and understand your value to his or her program.

An obstacle for US coaches to understand the level of your play is the difficulty in calibrating your experience and playing skill in competitions in Australia with what they see in High School and AAU tournaments from local-based players. While ‘VC’, or ‘State Championship Youth League’ might mean something to you, it has no meaning to most US-based coaches. By playing their own squads, or against other prospects they are familiar with, you immediately help them to understand where you fit.

Where and Who Will We Play on Tour?

The AAU All Stars USA College Tour will play a series of games against College squads and teams of college prospects in Seattle, WA; Roseburg, OR, and potentially in Utah and California. We expect to play from 8-12 games over a 14-16 day period. The games will be fully officiated, filmed via BALLERtv, and with full game statistics recorded. You will have a player profile created with statistics and access to the film all included in your package. We will provide you with video of the full games and you will have the right to cut mix tapes and send to any other recruiting channels you may have. The events we play will be AAU sanctioned, and each athlete will be required to have a current AAU membership, which means covered for insurance purposes should you be injured and require any medical treatment. You should also have travel insurance to provide additional layers of insurance coverage.

How Do I Manage Offers and The Recruitment Process?

AAU Australia’s management team, and our USA-based staff, will work with our Coach Connex college network to evaluate and discuss your potential and connect you with colleges wanting to recruit you. At that point, while we will always be available to assist with advice and to facilitate communications, you and your family will be in direct contact with the school and their nominated recruitment contact. In some cases that will be the Head Coach, Athletic Director, or an Assistant Coach. You will also be responsible for what transpires from that point. AAU Australia takes no responsibility for your decision or for the school’s offer or terms and conditions.

What Type of Offers Will I Receive?

We make no guarantees about receiving offers or being recruited. The purpose of this tour is to provide you an opportunity to play in front of coaches known to us who are looking for talent, and to provide our friendly-coach network with data, statistics and film relating to your abilities. If and when offers come through, we will communicate this to you and your nominated support structure, and provide as much advice and assistance as possible, including facilitating communications with interested schools. Offers may come in different forms and be conditioned upon what the school is allowed to do either by their collegiate sports body (eg. NCAA, NJCAA), or the school’s charter. This means there could be a range of offers: Full scholarship including housing and food allowance, partial scholarship, walk on opportunity with potential for future scholarship. You should read up on the different options and be fully aware of what can happen. 

How Can I Be Part of This Tour?

Participation on the tour will be subject to meeting our eligibility criteria and your basketball merit. To be eligible all participants must be born between 2000 and 2002, and be graduated from high school. We will be holding a try out for interested players to determine playing ability, and directly recruiting others to achieve the results we believe are in everyone’s best interest. You can attach a link of your mixtape in the registration form below. Our intention is to take at least one squad of 11 players, but there is scope for 2 squads. Lead up training and coaching will be expected from all participants in order to address skill short-falls, and ensure our teams play with chemistry. Obviously, the better the teams perform, the better the interest from our coach network. Register your interest below and we will be in touch about try outs. Participation is open to players who are not playing Rep basketball!

What Does the Tour Cost?

The tour cost will be between $4500 – $5000USD. We use USD figures to protect against fluctuations in the Australia dollar. Due to current global economic challenges brought on by CoronaVirus, there may be some instability in the value of the USD or AUD, and this will ensure no issues. We offer a payment plan to smooth out the payments. Should you be selected for the tour, you will be required to pay $750USD to secure your place.