What is BALLERtv?

The world’s premier live and on-demand streaming service dedicated to amateur athletes has arrived in Australia.

With live broadcast, replays and highlights of more than 10,000 games on any given weekend, BALLERtv is a game changing technology and service that means you and your nearest and dearest will never miss another game, another highlight, another moment of your amateur sport experience.
BALLERtv also gives you the power of vision. Vision of your games for your own improvement and vision of your game to put in front of important people who can take your game and career to the next level. We start today, with Basketball, but expect to see BALLERtv coming to a sports venue near you in the not too distant future.

How Does BALLERtv Work?

BALLERtv deploys videographers to attend games in three different ways.
1) To cover a team’s representative season;
2) To cover a teams tournament play,
3) to cover a tournament in general. That video is streamed live and can be viewed on the BALLERtv site. You can also download the video from the site, or even request a highlight tape of a specific game or tournament, or season. As the videographers film each game they tag the action for highlight moves, which when compiled, will make exciting viewing as a dedicated highlight tape.

How To Engage

BALLERtv is a simple yet powerful platform to engage with. There are two streams you can follow: Event Pass or Season Subscription.

Event Pass

This is perfect for event specific coverage provided by BALLERtv, including general tournament participation or team specific coverage of a tournament. The purchase of the event pass will entitle access to the live stream, and access to all event film for a month following the subscription. The event pas will also include 3 game downloads. Additional downloads will be available for $25 per download.

Season Subscription

This is perfect for teams where BALLERtv is covering their entire season. The value of the subscription and the download bundle attached is that all games will be filmed professionally, tagged for highlights, and broadcast via live streaming. Your season subscription will allow you to stream all games, and comes with 7 games of your choice in the season downloadable. You can download additional games for a small cost, and highlight mix tapes are available at a heavily discounted rate.

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