BallerTV: We're Changing the Game!

With live coverage, replays and highlights of more than 10,000
games on any given weekend BallerTV is a
sports broadcasting revolution

Our Mission

BallerTV’s mission is to continue the rapid expansion of accessible sports coverage so you will never miss another game or memorable moment in your loved-one’s sports career.  BallerTV covering games means families sharing more memories, players and coaches gaining valuable insight into enhanced skill development, and more exposure to recruiting opportunities.

Making an Impact

BallerTV is committed to creating opportunities for our student athletes, their families and our broadcast partners. We are creating new sports media opportunities each year and offer unprecedented access to game footage, helping athletes get to the next level in their game, creating priceless memories for families and jobs in the broadcast sector.

COVID-19 Recovery

Thanks to the events surrounding COVID-19, many sports clubs, associations and leagues being hit hard. BallerTV offers a way to keep families connected and recoup lost revenue without creating financial burdens for participants, members and their families. In these times, where attendance at games is not certain, BallerTV can ensure families remain connected, without missing a single play.

What Sports Are Suitable?

Most indoor sports, and some outdoor sports, are suited to BallerTV broadcast coverage. This would include: Basketball, Netball, Volleyball (beach and regular), Badminton, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Handball, Squash, Table Tennis, Baseball and more.

What Does it Look Like?

For Live Streaming, the quality of the film is dictated by the data upload speeds available at each venue. We generally use 4 or 5G enabled devices to film which provides a good quality image. Our proprietary broadcast app shows progressive scores so you know what is going on in the game.

Access to Replays

HD versions of each game are uploaded to BallerTV soon after filming is complete to ensure that replays you may access are high quality. Depending on the subscription level, access to replays can be unlimited, and virtually immediate after the completion of filming live games.

Job Opportunities

We offer internships and casual employment for videographers and site leads interested in staying involved in their favourite sport, gaining experience in the media, or simply for pocket money. As we grow in Australia, we will have more and more positions available.