Be Seen by College Coaches

Get Evaluated by College Recruiters

Grow Your Game, Control Your Future

College Bound

Where is your basketball career at right now?

Where is it going?

Are you in control of your playing future?

Do you believe you have the game to play in college, in whatever division you can?

Are you prepared to honestly do what it takes to make it?

If college is your dream then you know exposure is the name of the game. You must be seen by coaches and college scouts to fulfil your dream. No ifs or buts. Getting seen is what AAU Basketball has been about for the last 30 years. In fact, in that time, more than 70% of NBA and WNBA players got exposure, and got to college, playing AAU Basketball. If you don’t believe us, then here it from superstar NBL import, Tai Wesley. AAU Australia now brings that same exposure opportunity to Australian junior basketball with: 

Pathway2Pros: College Bound.


All Combine Testing Data Recorded

Showcase Games Filmed and with Full Stats

Your Data, Film and Personal Evaluation Provided to College Connect coaching network


College Bound is focused on helping junior ballers aged 15-19 get the exposure required to be found by College coaches and scouts looking for talented Aussie kids for their rosters.

College Bound is a 2-day combine showcase event that will allow you to demonstrate your skills while having all important data, including showcase games recorded and live streamed to Coach Connect, an AAU Australia exclusive network of more than 100 actual college coaches looking to Australia for talent.

The 2-day event is broken into a skills combine and biometric measurement on day 1, which data will enable coaches to understand your physical performance and characteristics. Much like an NBA Rookie Combine, you will be tested across a range of accepted standard measurements and skills.

Day 2 is the showcase, with a minimum of 3 games to be played by each participant that are fully officiated and statistically recorded, as well as live streamed to the Coach ConneX network.

All data and video will be stored and provided to Coach ConneX along with your identifying data, thus putting you on the radar for recruitment. All follow up communications will be direct between you and the interested coaches.

For those where no recruiting interest is shown, this is not failure, but only a positive bend in the road to success. Our expert team will be available to advise on the feedback provided from Coach ConneX and you will receive a professional scouting evaluation to guide you on the journey to develop the skills coaches are looking for.

Who Can Attend?

P2P: College Bound is open to boys and girls 15-19yrs old, from all levels of Australian basketball. At this age, College recruitment is well and truly possible, but It’s time to get serious. And if you’re serious about exploring your college opportunities, you need to be seen.

As an AAU Australia authorised event, P2P: College Bound embraces the AAU ethos which is that amazing talent exists at all levels of the game in Australia. Not playing Rep, State, or at a National level does not mean you college dreams are shot. For coaches and college recruiters, what matters to them is what they see of you, and your data. College basketball opportunities exist at all levels of the US college system and coaches are always looking for players that have the right talent, potential, attitude and importantly, work ethic.

What do I receive for my registration?

Your registration fee is $250, plus the cost of AAU Membership, which is an additional $25.

Your registration fee includes:

– Entry to each day of the 2-day College Bound combine showcase

– Participation in combine testing

– Guaranteed 3 showcase games

– Full statistical recording of combine performance and scrimmages

– Video of all combine skill tests and showcase games

– Written analysis and evaluation of your performance from a professional college scout

– Exclusive access to the Pathway2Pros: College Bound Coach ConneX network

– Provision of your information including data and film to the Coach ConneX network

– Provision of direct contact information for Coach ConneX network

– Provision of skill development evaluation by professional college scout