EXYBL to Continue with COVID-19 Smarts in Place

AAU Australia COVID-19 policy revealed to ensure safe event

Organisers of the AAU Australia Exposure Youth Basketball League (EXYBL) have released their COVID-19 Policy revealing the extensive planning done to ensure the event is run in the safest conditions possible.

According to Head of Sport, Brett Stringer, the priority is to hold a safe event for all involved. “While we want to see the youth of Melbourne return to the game they love, everyone’s safety comes first. The policy we have released is an expression of that and is the result of extensive consultation with our venue provider and government bio-safety guidelines.”

The policy document highlights the need for strict compliance with all requirements from every participant, and outlines measures taken to ensure a safe environment that refer to government advice as a minimum standard. Chief Operating Officer, Pete Unwin, points out that wherever possible more will be done than required to protect all participants. “With our venue partner’s support, we have taken steps to go to huge lengths to do not only what needs to be done, but to exceed those directives. Our policy clearly shows what lengths those are, and what steps will be taken to enforce them and the absolute need for everyone to comply. COVID-19 is nothing to be trifled with and we are taking it extremely seriously’.

As Stringer further highlights, implementing their Bio-Safety policy is also about finding a way junior and senior sport can be successfully run in the current pandemic climate. 

‘These are extraordinary times.  We are confident the measures we have taken will be successful. Participation in sport has so many health and well-being benefits. Our participants are desperate to play, and providing them a safe environment in which to do that means we have left no stone unturned to find such a solution. 

These are extraordinary times. We are confident the measures we have taken will be successful...We know we can make this event safe and a place kids can come and engage with the sport they love so deeply.

Brett Stringer, Head of Sport

Of course, we will comply with any changes to restrictions, but for now, we know we can make this event safe and a place kids can come and engage with a sport they love so deeply’.

Successfully implementing the Bio-Safety policy is in no small part due to the cooperative attitude of AAU Australia’s venue provider, HOOPS247 Indoor Sports Centre in Dandenong South. ‘Any endeavour like this,’ says Unwin, ‘relies on strong partnerships. Supun Samarawickrama and his team at HOOPS247 not only exemplify professionalism but have been an incredible resource of experience and knowledge in preparing our plans.’

To read more or download the policy document, go here  To discuss, connect with us through our social media channels, or email team@aauaustralia.com.au

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