EXposure Youth
Basketball League

Australia’s newest and most exciting elite, weekly league comp for 15s to 21s seeking college exposure opportunities


Junior Winter season to tip off 10am, Monday 29th June at Hoops247, Dandenong South, Melbourne. EXYBL Junior Season to feature:

  • 7 Regular season games
  • 3 games per week played during Winter School Holidays. 
  • Final regular season game to be played Saturday 11 July. 
  • Finals (top 4 to play) to be played over 3 weeks, with Grand Final on 1 August. 

Senior season to commence subject to confirmation of resumption of adult contact sport as approved by Victorian State Government. 

Registrations for the Junior season are now open. All players must register as individuals, noting their team name on the registration form. All players must have current AAU Junior Athlete Membership, which is accessible through your registration page. Click below to register. Team numbers are very limited, so don’t miss out.

Australia's First League Made For Exposure

Exposure is the key to college recruitment. This is well known. EXYBL’s exposure has three elements, each one vital for your game development and opportunities to play at a higher level.

  1. Game Exposure. EXYBL will give you the opportunity to play against quality opposition in an existing team you’re part of, or enable you to play with a team of your selection. EXYBL is open to domestic, rep, academy, school and mates’ teams. There are no limits in EXYBL other than those you put on yourself. Come and play, test yourself and your teammates against the best. Learn and grow. Become a better version of you. Remember why you love the game.
  2. Coach Exposure. Coaches – whether at US High School/Prep Schools, College level, European or Asian pro-leagues, or even Australia/New Zealand pro and semi-pro comps – need to see you play. By playing in EXYBL your games will be seen by coaches, and you can access the film and stats to continue building your profile.
  3. Timing. It’s great to be seen by coaches, but it’s even better to be seen by coaches when they are seriously looking for Another factor about exposure is timing. EXYBL competition is about bringing the exposure and timing together to provide players aged from 18-21 the greatest opportunity to be seen, and be recruited; and younger players the opportunity to get on the radar.

The 3 exposure principles above are the key to a North American kid achieving college recruiting dreams. That’s what they do during the summer months on the AAU tournament circuit and is a successful way to get seen. 

All players will have their stats and film shared with our coaching network on a weekly basis and we will help facilitate the resulting recruitment interest at NO ADDITIONAL COST. 

Play with your mates, enjoy your ball, and get seen by college coaches. AAU Australia’s EXposure Youth Basketball League is where to play to be seen.

How Does it Work?

For season number 1, there will be a junior and senior competition. Juniors will be divided into 17U and 15U age groups for boys, and 17U for girls. Competition will commence on Monday, June 29 at Hoops247 in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South, and playing for 7 regular season games followed by finals.

The junior season match schedule will be as follows, as shown to the right:

Regular Season:

  • GMs 1-3: MON 29/6, WED 1/7, FRI 3/7
  • GMS 4-7: MON 6/7, WED 8/7, FRI 10/7, SAT 11/7

Finals (Top 4 Qualifiers):

  • WK 1: QAUL FINALS (GM1: 1 v 2, GM2: 3 v 4)
  • WK 2: SEMI FINAL (L-GM1 v W-GM2)
  • WK 3: GRAND FINAL (W-GM1 v W-GM3)

Game start times will be announced via the event management app, which will be released in the coming days.

Senior’s will be a 21U competition for men and women, also held at Hoops247 and to be played on a day to be determined pending announcement of resumption of adult contact sport by Victoria’s State Government.

Elsewhere in Australia and New Zealand, EXYBL will be run as condensed leagues or tournaments depending on local conditions, which includes access to venues, calendar availability and demand by teams.

Teams can be club, school, academy or buddy groups…But be sure you’re at the level to compete. The definition of age groups as ’15U’ means a player can be 15 AND Under to play 15U. Therefore, a 15 year old is eligible to play 15U. This rule applies for all other age groups.

Registration will be paid individually, although when registering there is a space for you to nominate your team and teammates. Registration cost is $110 per person which is used to cover the cost of running the league, including, but not limited to:

  • Sports injury insurance (read more about our excellent coverage here)
  • Cost of BallerTV videographers
  • Cost of full game statistics
  • Cost of league management software (Tourney Engine)
  • Production and promotion of your player profile to the Coach Connex network

Other costs will include the team sheet fee ($65) per game, and venue entry ($3). Team sheet fees will pay for court hire and referees.

Playoffs will follow a ‘final 4’ format, giving second chance status to the top 2 teams, and will last 3 weeks. There will be team and individual awards for teams making the championship game, and an age group MVP will be awarded.

Registrations for the Junior Winter Season are now open. Sign up here to secure your spot. Registrations are done individually, but you will have a place on your registration form to nominate your team name. Ensure the rest of your team enters the correct team name. Spots are extremely limited so don’t delay.

For senior teams, complete the Expression of Interest form below to reserve your spot. When registrations open, we will notify you and then individual registration can be completed.

Finally, make sure you have a uniform. If you need one, indicate this in your registration and we can organise one at a reasonable price.

If you have any questions, reach out to us on social media, the WhatsApp link on this page, or email team@aauaustralia.com.au.  

The EXYBL Rules

There are some exciting rule adaptations planned for EXYBL at both senior and junior levels that will be a unique part of the playing experience and be exposure to different game styles. 

  1. No draws. All games will have a result. In the event of scores being level after regular time,  a 1-minute period of extra time with a stop clock will be played. If scores are still level at the end of this, golden score rule applies.
  2. Free Throw Rule Adjustments. The 1-To-Make-2, and Automatic-And-1 rules will apply to help games avoid unnecessary stoppages and maximise time on court.  If a 2 or 3 shot shooting foul applies, the player will have only one foul shot. If they make it, they receive all of the possible points (2 or 3). If an And-1 foul is adjudged, the free shot will be automatically given. The fouled player will not go to the foul line. This rule puts a premium on free throw skill, and on the commission of shooting fouls. Refs will also be instructed to be more discerning on shooting fouls, so don’t expect soft foul calls as you may be used to.
  3. Back-Court Inbounds Passing. Inbounds passing from front court into back court will be allowed assuming the ball does not touch the floor or a player from the inbounding team before being possessed in the back court.
  4. Time-out Calls When In Possession. Coaches can call a time-out when in possession of the ball and before a stoppage occurs. 
  5. Full and 30-second Time Outs. Coaches will have 3 time-outs per half. Two 30-second time outs, and 1 full (60 second) time out.
  6. Zero Tolerance of Violence, Agression, Intimidation, Bullying or Disrespect. Players, team officials, referees, organisers and venue staff will be under the same expectations to ensure the utmost respect and civilised treatment of others is maintained inside and outside EXYBL games, especially via social media platforms. Any participant who breaks from this standard will have sanctions applied. AAU Australia management holds the exclusive right to adjudicate on infractions of these rules. Their decisions will be final. The EXYBL and all AAU Australia events WILL BE an environment of respect and friendship. Opponents on court does not mean hatred or marginalising behaviour must be exhibited off the court. This rule covers all social interactions and any behaviour that could be reasonably expected to cause harm either physical or emotional. 
COVID-19 Specific Rules
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are some rules that will strictly enforced.
  1. Timing Rules. As all physical contact points must be sanitised between games – including basketballs, team benches, score tables and any devices being touched – the game timing will be four x 8-minute quarters, with clock stopping the last 2 minutes of 2nd quarter, and last 3 minutes of 4th quarter. Clock will stop for all time-outs.
  2. Basketballs. All game and warm up basketballs will be supplied for each team. No basketball is to be brought into the venue and will be confiscated upon entry and returned when exiting.
  3. Quarter Breaks. There will be a 1-minute break at 1st and 3rd-quarter breaks, and 2-minutes at half-time.

COVID-19 & BallerTV

Protecting the safety of all league participants, AAU Australia and Venue staff, and families is the highest priority. AAU Australia and Hoops247 will strictly comply with all guidelines issued by the State Government of Victoria. Where suggested actions are proposed by relevant bodies, AAU Australia and Hoops247 will make the appropriate decision to implement based on best practice while balancing the necessity of restoring healthy and beneficial competition to the youth of Victoria. In formulating our requirements, we will be guided by State Government regulations, AAU guidelines, and will refer to state and federal sports body suggestions.

Following the guidelines strictly will most likely mean a severe restriction of spectators. To ease the frustration of this situation, our flagship supporter, BallerTV, will provide streaming of all games. We have secured a fantastic price structure for parents, family and friends to access game streams, and unlimited replays of the HD games that will be less than the cost of family entry to the venue per week. With a BallerTV subscription, families will be able to keep up with the live action from any device and in any location with internet access. A link to the EXYBL’s BallerTV page will be provided prior to the start of the event.

Important information regarding COVID-19 compliance requirements will be issued to all teams prior to the commencement of the first game. It is essential that all players and their parents/guardians are aware of these rules. Failure to comply with such regulations may result in teams and/or individuals having their right to participate in EXYBL limited, or terminated. Any sanctions will be at the discretion of AAU Australia management.

AAU Australia Bio-Safety Policy

To ensure the safety of all AAU Australia event participant, spectators, staff and their families, and broader communities we live in; and to reassure all regarding the precautions and planning that has been undertaken to operate events such as the EXYBL responsibly, we offer for public review our AAU Australia Bio-Safety Policy. 

The AAU Australia Bio-Safety Policy has been developed in conjunction with our venue operator, Hoops247 Indoor Sports Centre. In considering this policy, every effort has been made to apply COVID-19 safety regulations as a MINIMUM STANDARD. 

This policy is under constant review and will be adapted/changed as required either by regulatory framework, or through consultation. 

Please find below the main features of the policy in brief, and the full policy document for download.

Comprehensive Check-In Procedure

Stringent check-in procedures will need mandatory compliance from all participants to allow entry to venue(s) and participation in any activity or event.

Hand Sanitisation Requirements

Hand sanitisation will be a necessary requirement before, during and after event participation. Hand sanitizer will be available at the venue.

Spectator Restrictions

No spectators will be allowed. Live streaming and replays of all games will be available through BallerTV and accessible on all devices.

Personal Hygiene Rules Apply

Strict adherence to personal hygiene directives as outlined in our policy document will be expected and enforced at all times.

Ongoing Sanitization Actions

All court touch points will be sanitised between games by qualified staff in accordance with ‘best practice’ procedures.

Social Distancing Practices

Mandatory social distancing practices will be monitored and enforced both in and out of competition. All participants will be informed and educated of their personal responsibilities and expectations.

Download Bio-Safety Policy Here

TEAM EXPRESSION OF INTEREST - 21U TEAMS ONLY. Junior Teams Must Click "Register for EXYBL Here" to Complete Registration