EXposure Youth Basketball League

Introducing Australia’s newest and most exciting weekly league comp for U21s seeking college recruitment opportunities

Exposure is the key to college recruitment. This is well known. Another factor about exposure is timing. The EXposure Youth Basketball League is about bringing the exposure and timing together to provide players aged from 18-21 the greatest opportunity to be seen, and be recruited.

The EXposure Youth Basketball League, or EXYBL is AAU Australia’s bold attempt to put more and more talented junior ballers on the US College Coaching radar. Running from early April through to June and being played on Monday or Wednesday nights to avoid clashes with other basketball commitments, teams will play elite opponents during the most active and fertile college recruiting window, with games being live streamed, with full game stats provided to our expanding network of College Coaches that currently sits at 100+ programs.

All players will have their stats and film shared with our coaching network on a weekly basis and we will help facilitate the resulting recruitment interest at NO EXTRA COST.

Play with your mates, enjoy your ball, and get seen by college coaches. AAU Australia’s EXposure Youth Basketball League is where to play to be seen.


How will it work?

AAU Australia’s Exposure Youth Basketball League will run from April 13, 2020 to July 6, 2020, and play every Monday & Wednesday nights from 7-11pm at Hoops 247 in Dandenong. 

Teams can be club, school, academy or buddy groups…But be sure you’re at the level to compete. The age group is for players who are in their 18th – 21st year. For immediate recruiting opportunities, players must be high school graduates.

Team registration will cost $400 for the season, and weekly team sheet fees will be $65. This covers refs, stat keeping, filming via BALLERtv, and the ongoing production and distribution of your updated profile information and film highlights to our Coach network.

Playoffs will follow a fairly well known structure of elimination finals for the top 4 teams, and grand finals the following week. All champion teams will receive an exclusive AAU Australia EXposure Youth Basketball League Championship Ring.

How will this help me play College hoops?

The objective is to create a high quality league that is playing right in the middle of a College coach’s prime recruiting time for the upcoming recruit class. Typically, most recruiting prospects are finished their North American high school seasons in March, and coaches are looking at highlight tape to finalise their recruiting options. It’s not until Summer vacation starts, and with it, AAU and other tournaments all across the country that coaches can see their prospects in game settings one last time. AAU Australia’s Exposure Youth Basketball League will help you get on the radar of coaches and give you a leg up on your competition for the 2020 recruiting class spots still open.

By seeing Australian talent playing actual games, will assist coaches and their recruiting staff to make good decisions. 

How can I participate?

It’s easy. Get your team together, and register here. Make sure you comply with our uniform policy. We can help you with a good deal if you don’t already have some. And start playing. Don’t forget to tell your mates. Through BALLERtv, they will be able to watch the games live via streaming, with access to replays, game downloads and individual highlight tapes available.

What is BALLERtv

BALLERtv is one of the world’s leading amateur and youth sports broadcasters. Covering more than 10,000 games of amateur sport per week, BALLERtv lives up to its mantra of ‘never miss another game’. BALLERtv provides live-streaming, video replay, and athlete highlight tapes through their innovative platform. All of these services will be accessible to Exposure Youth Basketball League players, coaches, family and friends. As virtual household name in youth basketball in the USA, BALLERtv also has a large number of College Coach subscribers who use the service to look for talent, among all of their other recruiting strategies. Through BALLERtv, you will be exposed to these coaches, plus you will be seen by our own exclusive network of 100+ college coaches.

Coach Connex

Coach Connex is AAU Australia’s exclusive network of College Coaches who are looking towards us to help find highly in demand Australian talent. Comprising more than 100 College programs from a range of levels, CoachConnex is a unique and easily accessible system for recruiting to all AAU athlete members at NO EXTRA COST to their participation in AAU Australia events.


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