Pathway2Pros: College Bound & Coach ConneX FAQS

No college coach will recruit a player without merit. Whatever level you have played at, whatever last name you might have, no matter how many state, national or international medals that are hanging around your neck, no matter how much video you have of playing perfect games, and no matter what stats you put into your online profiles, coaches need to see your game and want to know who you are before they risk wasting a spot on their roster.

Participating at a College Bound combine showcase will provide the coaches attached to Coach ConneX with everything they need to know about you and your game. The stats will be real. The video will show you in real game situations, and the background info will help them understand your character and work ethic.

Offering a scholarship place, or even a walk on place, is a huge risk for any coach. If they are blind to your attributes, there is little chance of getting selected. A highlight tape of every shot you ever made will not be enough. Stats that are largely unverified don’t hold much weight either. The College Bound combine and showcase will provide a coach with everything he or she needs to see and or know about you.

Let’s start by discussing what Coach ConneX is not!

It is not a scouting service. It is not a recruiting service or an online scouting arrangement, or a mix tape provider.

Australian basketball is hot in the US. Our stocks have never been higher, and the general respect Australian players are held in means coaches want Aussies.

AAU Australia, through our connection to the AAU, is developing an exclusive group of Division I, II, III, NAIA and JUCO colleges keen to recruit Australian talent for their programs. With this network, we can provide Australian AAU members the exposure that’s needed to be seen, evaluated and potentially, recruited. Of course, in saying this and by providing this connection, there is never any form of guarantee that a player will be selected. But it does represent an opportunity to raise a player’s profile and exposure above that of the 1000s who are sending unsolicited emails, and the 1000s more who are no more than a 2D face on a page, computer screen, or app.

For this incredible exposure opportunity, all that’s required is to participate in an AAU event, either a tournament or College Bound combine showcase. 

The reality behind Coach ConneX is that all coaches and schools listed as participants knows the value of AAU ball for aspiring and talented kids hoping to get offers. They believe Australian can benefit their programs, and have agreed to use our resources as part of their recruiting process. Of course they will use all resources at their fingertips to put the best team on court, but to have a place at the table is an incredible opportunity to any kid with dreams.

With over 100 schools signed up, a number that continues to grow almost every day, there is a wide range of college levels represented. From Division I through to JUCO and City Colleges, but with the majority being in DIV II schools and below. These schools are 2 and 4 year institutions, and offer a range of scholarship opportunities from full rides for tuition, books, housing, through to partial coverage or limited scholarship offers. However, the fact remains, if recruited, each school will have a program that gives you the opportunity to grow your game and progress. The pathway to the pros for many, many players has included starting off at a lower level and working hard, playing hard, to get recognised and progress to the next level.

If yes, then that may lead to disappointment. In each college basketball level there are good schools and great programs that offer scholarships, either full or partial. That is a good thing. And in every one of those programs there is an opportunity to play, and while playing, develop your game.

There are two significant realities all aspiring Student-Athletes should bear in mind when considering their college recruitment. 1) All offers should be explored; and 2) where you start is not necessarily where you will finish.

We 100% stand by our conviction that there is enormous talent in Australian junior basketball across all States. But this should not be interpreted that all talent are ready-made NCAA Division 1 players. The mistake that many of us make is to consider anything less than Division 1 inferior or less notable. This is not the case.

Many, many professional careers have begun in College divisions outside DI. This is where the huge majority of offers are, and for Australian kids who may be behind in certain fundamental areas, but ahead in work ethic and competitiveness, getting the foot in the door of college sport is a great start to the rest of your career.

The value of participating in College Bound, and therefore accessing Coach ConneX, is that combined, these two tools will be an extremely powerful way to bench mark yourself against what else is out there, and then put your name in front of coaches and give them a reason to pay you the attention you feel you deserve.

Do not consider College Bound  or Coach ConneX as all you need to do to be recruited. There are lots of worthy services out there that can provide assistance to both getting seen, building your basketball resume, and getting access to coaches and their recruiters.

But just be careful. There are also many out there either making outlandish promises, or dashing your hopes. If an organisation only wants DI prospects, then keep looking, as that may not be you. If someone is promising recruitment for large fees, be wary and do your homework. Where someone is promoting their product as a tool loved by coaches for recruiting, also be wary, and do your research. No single solution can be relied upon to do the complete job of securing you a college spot and you should be as well versed and educated on the process of recruitment as humanly possible.

Because it’s the AAU, College Bound and Coach ConneX will never be about breaking you or your parents financially for no better a shot at recruitment than the 100s of 1000s of kids out there doing the same. The data and film you generate through College Bound is transportable into all of the other channels you are developing in order to be recruited. The relationships or feedback that you may get from Coach ConneX will guide your continued development, so that you know what coaches want, and you are working towards it.

This puts the process back in your hands. This means you control your own destiny.