High Performance Program to Build Athletes Bodies, Minds and Work Ethic

Industry expert joins AAU team

AAU Australia has unveiled a High Performance Program (HPP) under the guidance of experienced Exercise Scientist, Sean Connolly.


“The objective of AAU Australia’s HPP,” says Coach Connolly, “is to help Australian athletes match their bodies, mindset and work ethic to their level of sporting talent. For any athlete to progress to the highest level possible, it has to be about more than just their game-skills.”


With Connolly’s expertise and track record in the world of strength, conditioning and athletic development in both amateur and professional ranks comes the knowledge that the foundation of all success starts in the bodies and minds of any aspiring athlete. 


“If we want our kids to have long and successful lives, in all pursuits, not just sport, then we must help them embrace a growth mindset and all that entails. My work for the last 10 years, including my continual updating of best industry practice has proven to me that elite performance will follow an elite body with the right mindset and work ethic.”


To AAU Australia, the High Performance Program is a logical extension of their passion and commitment to help Australia’s talented junior athletes excel. 


As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Pete Unwin explains, the HPP will help AAU Australia athletes now and into the future. “Sport should be a joyful and wonderful opportunity for health for all participants. It is also a school-ground that very effectively teaches life lessons and human values. Every athlete can aspire to elite skills, even if those skills will not propel them to a sports career. 


Through the High Performance Program every one of our athletes will have the opportunity to develop an elite body able to cope with the rigours of life, an elite mindset to cope with the uncertainties and complexities of modern living, and an elite work ethic to help them achieve their goals in any life setting.”

My work for the last 10 years, including a continual updating of world's best practice, has proven to me that elite performance will follow an elite body with the right mindset and work ethic.

Sean Connolly, High Performance Head


In the first instance, AAU Australia’s High Performance Program will begin with a focus on strength, conditioning and increased athletic performance. “Developing an elite mindset and work ethic will come,” notes Connolly, “but an elite body can often be a big point of difference with Aussie college recruits and those from the US or Europe, so it is the perfect place to start, and an important gap to bridge.”


Access to all HPP content is, at this point free and will require only an AAU Australia subscription. As Unwin explains, the process is simple. “Our members and anyone from the general public can go to our website in coming days, subscribe and then get access to a subscriber only section and begin the process of improvement. Content will be frequently added, and as time progresses we will have greater and greater support and resources for subscribers to use in their elite body development journey.”



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