Spring Madness in a COVID-19 World

Your strength, conditioning and agility are physical necessities to on-court success.

The right mindset will take you far both in your basketball and post-basketball careers.

Your work ethic is the greatest predictor of future success in any endeavour​.

There are few better school rooms in life than sport. Sport has an almost infinite capacity to teach life’s lessons in a fun, engaging and enjoyable way. When we are deeply engaged and committed to learning, we not only learn more, what we learn goes deeper into our characters and becomes part of who we are. While there are many examples of poor character among sport’s people, when done right, sport can help to mould greatness both on and off the court. To be elite must be everyone’s goal in playing sport.

This does not mean that everyone can win a gold medal, or become a world champion, or even play in a professional capacity. But it does mean everyone can benefit enormously from what is required to become elite. The AAU Australia High Performance Program is about developing an elite personal skill set that will enhance sporting and real life achievements.  

Elite Bodies, Mindset and Work Ethic: Values for Life!

  • Bodies to cope with every challenge
  • An attitude of resilience and strength
  • A connection between hard work and success

The bedrock of AAU Australia High Performance Program is the acquisition of elite-level skills to fortify lives and enhance overall health and well-being. Because sport stimulates a high level of engagement, and other positive human response, using sport to acquire these elite-level skills is perfectly sensible. 

AAU Australia’s High Performance Program’s three-pronged focus on developing an elite body, mindset and work ethic is designed to assist growth in areas with the most potential to cross-over into all aspects of life and derive the greatest level of benefit for participants.

Elite Bodies

We only have one of these, so best to make the most of it. While many enthusiastic sportsmen and women might rely on their genetic gifts, the greatest achievers are always those who are prepared to do more, and go further, than their opponents. Through the guidance of our expert Strength and Conditioning team, we will help you develop the elite body required for competition at the highest level you can achieve.

Elite Mindset

‘ATTITUDE will determine ALTITUDE’. Sounds familiar? And it is, but it is also a core concept at the heart of developing an elite mindset. Any achievement of any worth will be the result of rising above the inevitable obstacles, difficulties, barriers, disappointments and anxieties associated with our life goals. Our mindset can often be overlooked in our quest for sporting success, but this is to our detriment. Programs will shortly be accessible to assist with developing an Elite Mindset that will not only benefit your sports efforts, but your whole life.

Work Ethic

It has been said that the harder we work, the luckier we become. And this is true. While a task may not become easier over time, the more we are prepared to work at something means our capacity to perform the task at a high level improves. We become expert level. An elite work ethic will benefit our lives in many ways. Everything to do with the High Performance Program is underpinned by this type of work ethic.

How Can I Be Part of the High Performance Program?

Our first step in the High Performance direction will be with an Elite Bodies focus.

To compete at the highest level, our bodies must be prepared and able to provide the high level of performance our skills demand. In Australia, for whatever reason, there is insufficient focus on developing elite bodies, and our athletes struggle as a result when their sporting talent takes them to the next level; spending effort and time they could be using in enhancing their game skills to get their bodies up to the required level.

Our Elite Bodies program will help participants get stronger, move faster, jump higher, prevent injuries, recover better, increase athleticism and easily assimilate into a College sport environment.

Under the guidance of our Head of High Performance, Sean Connolly, MSc (ExSc) – an experienced exercise scientist with a significant track record in developing athletes in junior and professional ranks – we will provide guidance to our members via online content, personal consultation, testing and improvement measurement.

Starting in the next few days we will be dropping valuable Elite Bodies content that will help you upgrade your athleticism now. They will be simple things you can do, but seriously effective. To access the content, you must be an AAU Australia subscriber. It is free to subscribe, and you can subscribe now right here. By subscribing you will receive your Subscriber Only access keys, and then away you go.

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