The safety and protection of all AAU participants is our highest priority. While we cannot prevent injuries, we can provide the protection and piece of mind sports injury insurance can offer. All AAU participants are required to have current annual AAU Junior Athlete or AAU Adult Membership. This comes with sports injury insurance through our partners, SportsCover.
AAU Members are covered by Sports Injury Insurance when participating in, during travel to and from, or even when training in preparation for, AAU Authorised events up to the maximum claim value of $5,000 per injured event. Claims will be paid on all services required that are not already covered by Medicare. This is a standard clause within Sports Injury insurance in Australia and applies to all other state body sports injury products and means that where no rebate is available from Medicare, the AAU Insurance will pay. This might include injury rehab with a physio or other allied health professional, and ambulance where no ambulance cover exists. It may also pay over and above what might be claimed by your private Health cover. There are terms and conditions, of course, and everything must comply with the policy document attached below, but claiming in easy and efficient and our Insurer works hard to provide a responsive and customer friendly service.
The funny thing about insurance is, it’s not a big deal until it is a big deal. For the very minor amount of $35 per annum for Junior Members or $45 for Adult Members, it’s great to have the peace of mind that you’re covered if something unexpected occurs and you receive an injury.
AAU Australia policy is all players, coaches, and assistants are required to have the right annual membership in order to participate in any AAU Accredited events. It’s very simple: No Pay, No Play.
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