AAU Junior Athlete Membership

AAU Junior Athlete Membership is required for anyone younger than 18 on September 1 or each year who wants to play in AAU Events. Membership entitles the holder to injury insurance which covers all activities involved in AAU Event participation. This includes travel to and from events, and any activities undertaken to prepare for said events (training, camps, workouts, etc.) AAU Membership covers the period September 1 to August 31, includes international official AAU events, and is renewed annually. Failure to have a current AAU Junior Athlete Membership will mean event participation is not permitted.


Summer League & 23U

Games will be played on weekdays for Juniors, and in the evening for Seniors (23U) between Jan 4-20, 2021.

Your registration is paid per player, and all inclusive. There are no other fees to be paid to play, other than AAU Junior Athlete Membership ($35) if you're not already a member.

Spring Madness

Spring Madness will be played from December 15 - 18. 14U games will be played from 5pm each game night to allow time to get home from school.

There is a maximum of 2 games per team per  day. December 18 is championship Friday.

There are so many areas your game can grow in by playing our Summer Series.

We have built the events to simulate overseas playing conditions. There are no soft fouls in the Summer Series, and our officials will let you play.

You’ll play under rules you’ve never experienced before that are common elsewhere, and all eyes will be on you. You will never have more fun, but also play better basketball if you come with the right attitude, and ready to play.

Sure, it’ll be fun to play the Summer Series. But it’s serious stuff too. As AAU Australia official Talent ID Events, you will be playing in front of US-based personnel who are matching Aussie talent to College demand.

Their knowledgeable and experienced eyes will be watching you and your game to see if you’re serious about your basketball and ready to take the next step.

This is a huge opportunity for you and no other event in the country has the calibre of observers capable of helping you go further.

Every player needs game film. To improve, to share with friends and family, and to get seen by the eyes that matter.

Every Summer Series game will be filmed by BallerTV, our exclusive broadcast partner. Part of your registration pays for having their gear and videographers in attendance.

They offer incredibly good value subscription deals to the live streaming, unlimited replays, and preferred pricing for game download and mixtape purchases.

With quality game film, your prospects just went up!

Game development must be data driven. Summer Series games will have full stats for team and individuals, and will enhance not only your growth and improvement, but be incredibly useful with your game resume.

The cost of providing these stats is not small, and your registration helps to cover those costs.

The benefit of walking away from our event with these stats is enormous – far greater than the cost and will help you achieve your basketball goals.

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