Spring Madness '21 Team Registration Deposit

Spring Madness '21 is here. Registration is $500 per team. Secure your spot with a $100 deposit. Event dates are split as follows: 18U/21U Mens/Womens Dec 14-17. Entries close Dec 1, balance due Dec 7. 14U/16U Boys/Girls  Jan 4-7, 2022. Entries close Dec 15, balance due Dec 22. All play for the Ring in Spring will be at Dandenong Stadium. 5-game guarantee for age groups 14U, 16U, 18U, 23U, boys and girls. Sign up today and ensure you don't miss out.  


Spring Madness ’21 FAQ

What is Spring Madness: Summer ’21?

AAU’s Australia’s flagship event, open to teams from all levels of basketball including associations, domestic, school, coaching academies, or even friendship groups. But be sure you’re up for it, as the competition will be scorching.

And yes, there’s the ring for D1 champions. It’s the Ring in Spring!!

When and where?

Spring Madness: Summer ’21 has had a scheduling change to ensure 14U/16U boys and girls are able to play their VJBL Spring Phase grading games. The 18U and 21U Mens and Women’s comp will continue to be held on Dece 14-17 at Dandenong, and the 14U/16U comp has been moved to Jan 4-7, also at Dandenong. Games will be played from 10am each day. Pool games and elimination games will be played on the Tuesday to Thursday of each week, and Championship games scheduled for Friday.

Why should I play?

For any baller that’s serious about their basketball future, exposure is the key. This means exposure not only to the best quality competition available, but exposure to the College Coaches who hold your recruitment futures in their hands. To have any chance of being recruited, YOU MUST BE ON THE RADAR of College coaches. Full stop, end of story.

As with all AAU events, Spring Madness: Summer ’21 offers a completely unique level of exposure very few, if any events in Australia, can offer. Through the combination of our relationship with BallerTV, and our own Coach Connex NCAA Coaching network, your quality on-court performances can and will be seen by our talent scouts, and directly by NCAA coaches at all levels of the game. YOU WILL BE ON THE RADAR if you can perform at.

No matter what level of College you aspire to, or which your game is suited to, AAU and its sponsor, Coach Connex, can make you visible. Start your visibility, then, at Spring Madness: Summer ’21!

What is the cost, and what do I get?

The cost of registration is $500 per team. You can secure your spot with a $100 non-refundable deposit. The COVID refund policy is that if the event is cancelled before the start date, full refunds will be given, and if during the event, you will be refunded at $120 per game short of the guaranteed 5 games.

As mentioned each team gets a guaranteed 5 games, all filmed, 1 BallerTV event pass per team, free event entry for all registered players and the nominated team coach/team manager. Access to BallerTV over and above the 1 event pass to watch livestream and replays is according to their subscription options which start at $25USD for the Event Pass. Game download costs vary based on subscriber level.

These are the tangible things you get. The intangibles are the experience of playing in a different environment that may be less structured and fosters the development of your game instincts, and encourages you to take the game on and stand out. You will play great competition, despite whatever . The level of competition at AAU events is outstanding and your game will benefit.

You will also get the real chance to be exposed to talent scouts and College Coaches. Think about that for a minute and then think about where you want to go with the game. You cannot get where you want to go WITHOUT BEING SEEN by the right people. Simple as that!! And where are you going to go to get seen? No other tournament in Australia with open entry connects to Coaches directly on your behalf to put you on the radar and into the conversation. All players at Spring Madness get this same level of exposure and opportunity.

Please note, all players MUST HAVE current AAU annual membership. There is a strict no pay, no play policy. AAU membership provides sports injury insurance.

But I am too young to go to College. How does the exposure benefit me?

That’s a good question. For anyone from yr 10 onwards, an exposure event like Spring Madness: Summer ’21 can put you on the early radar for Coaches. At least it will get a line under your name as someone to watch. For those younger, the exposure you receive from playing at this event is to what it’s gonna take to get to College.

Getting to, and playing in, College Basketball at any level is no easy thing. Sure, it requires talent, but it also requires a truckload of work, commitment, perseverance, and toughness. Knowing that through AAU events, you can be seen whether or not you’re in a state team, or playing state level, or going to high level schools, should keep you motivated to keep working at your game, and keep your schooling on track.

Who is allowed to enter?

Firstly, the age groups are 14 & Under (14U), 16U, 18U, 23U. Our age groups are measured in alignment with the AAU in USA. Your age on September 1 governs your age groups until August 31 the following year. So if you are 14 on September 1, you are eligible to play in 14U until 31 August the following year, no matter when you turn 15. This applies to each age group. You can play in multiple age groups and for multiple teams/clubs. But you cannot play for more than one team in each age group.

Secondly teams from all levels of the game can enter. This means school, domestic, rep, private coaching academies, or just teams of mates. The key is to be competitive. We have seen amazing teams come and play past events from all of these categories. The Buffaloes, Pink Power, Raptors, Bulleen Boomers, St Francis Xavier, RedRoo, Vikings, Eastside Warriors, AAU Select, Longhorns, City Kings, Casey Titans, Sherbrooke Suns, Thunder, BTR Ballerz, Westgate Imperials, Dandenong Rangers, Be Elite, Accelerate, Adelaide Warriors, Flames, Shogun, Wild Rhinos, Box Hill, Legacy Empire, Black Rhinos – the list goes on and on. All of these teams brought something special to the tournaments they played, and enhanced the quality of the experience. And when the best teams and players come, so to do the coaches who want to watch, and this helps everyone…and this is how exposure works!! Is your team going to be next?