It Takes A Village

Every level of Australian basketball benefits from more juniors playing College basketball.

It’s simple maths. More kids playing college basketball drives greater demand for quality coaching and serious skill and game development. Increased demand for quality coaching requires more professionalism in junior coaching and skill development – volunteerism alone will not get our kids to where they need to do. Demand for quality coaching provides opportunities for enthusiastic and skilful coaches to develop coaching businesses which will help their transition to professional coaching. More professional coaching in junior ranks will help more kids get to college.  AAU Australia wants to assist professional junior coaching ranks to grow, and here’s how we’re going to do it.

How can we help?
AAU Australia tournaments and events help your kids put your coaching into practice in team and individual settings.

AAU Australia tournaments and events are covered by BALLERtv which provides exposure to college coaches subscribers.

AAU Australia’s Coach Connex is a network of more than 100 men’s and women’s college coaches looking for Aussie talent. All AAU Australia members will be promoted to this network.

How does it work?
Opportunity fuels growth. By providing the following opportunities, we know your students will grow, your business will grow, and more Aussie kids will make it to college basketball.

Step 1:
Your club, school or coaching business becomes an AAU Australia member for the cost of $150 per annum.

Step 2:
All kids in your program join as AAU Athlete Members for $25 per annum, per person.

Step 3:
Your program receives the following exclusive benefits:

  1. 20% team registration discount to AAU Australia tournaments
  2. 20% individual registration discount to AAU Australia College Bound showcase events
  3. BALLERtv coverage at all AAU Australia events and College Bound showcases
  4. Annual onsite skills and combine testing 
  5. Individual player profiles
  6. Player data and film provided to AAU Australia’s Coach Connex network
  7. National player ranking by age
  8. National club, school and academy rankings
  9. Promotion of your school, club or coaching business

Considering the cost of exposure programs such as tours, software licenses, and other promotions
can run into the ’000s, aligning with AAU Australia is the best value for money and reaps real results.

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