Spring Madness 2019 is done and dusted - 2020 is on the drawing board. Check out the Q&A below, and register your team, for no charge so you can stay up to date with our plans in the post-COVID19 world.


What’s the Plan?

After the feedback and atmosphere from Spring Madness 1.0, we are so excited about year 2. We are planning to expand Spring Madness to include a 21U age group. At this stage, and with no way to foresee what the situation will be with COVID-19, we still plan to hold Spring Madness in the September/October holidays at Dandenong stadium. But of course, everything and anything can change, so we will keep a close eye on what is happening and adjust accordingly.

How Can My Team Be Part of SM2020?

We are allowing teams to register for free in order to save their place, and begin making plans for participation. Your registration will ensure you are kept up to date on the latest. Once the event details are confirmed, you will then be able to pay your team registration fee, and we will finalise schedules, etc. Enter your team details below to hold a place in this year’s event.

Why Should My Team Play at SM2020?

Spring Madness is an incredible opportunity for your club, academy, school or mate-based team to claim national champion status, against all-comers. Spring Madness is your opportunity to bring fun and enjoyment back into high level, elite basketball, where something meaningful is on the line. You will want Spring Madness 2020 bragging rights!

What New Things Will SM2020 Include?

Everything from our first Spring Madness will return. That includes BALLERtv coverage, and the best reffing in Australia. And don’t forget the Championship ring!! Australia’s best tournament recognition! For SM2020, and in response to demand, there will be a 21U age group included. We will also be including an All-Star game, and final MVP. BALLERtv will be our broadcast partner again for both live streaming, HD replays, and game downloads and highlights. We will providing video highlights and game statistics to our Coach Connex network of US College coaches to help all players get on the college radar. Each player will receive an individual AAU Australia Athlete Profile, including game stats from the tournament. Our final addition will be a day of testing in a shortened, 1-day College Bound camp focused on skills testing. Your skills test results will be added to your Athlete Profile, with all profiles submitted to the Coach Connex network.

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