The AAU Vision

We believe in Australian basketball talent. We believe in you. We know it is only through limited opportunity that more Aussie ballers like you aren’t achieving their hoop dreams.

We exist to help you play better basketball, in an incredible atmosphere, and get a great education as you live out your dream. Along the way, you will learn important skills and lessons to set up your life.

Your success is our dream.


We’re not afraid to do things that are different, if they’re the right thing for your game. It might not make us friends, but if it’s the best thing for you then we’re all in!


We remove barriers to your participation, success and growth no matter who you play with, or for. Nothing matters more than your talent, and with AAU, it will rise as far as your prepared to work it!!


The Future

The AAU future in Australia and New Zealand is very bright indeed. With so much talent, we will help your future be as exciting as ours. 

Meet the AAU Team

James Kerr - President

James learned early in his formative years in Jackson, Mississippi, the value of both sport and personal mentorship. Committed to the growth and success of the young men in his Red Roo Sports program, James has built a system to help them take advantage of opportunities for higher education and elite basketball. James runs a successful family business in Melbourne’s south east supplying commercial horticultural equipment.

Leon Suslov-Vice President

Leon has been active in the basketball community for over 5 years. In AAU Leon is specialising in memberships and developing team registrations. Leon owns and has operated his own business for over 30 years.

Jay Yau - Treasurer

The father of 5 is a true disciple of basketball at all levels, actively involved in junior coaching in Melbourne’s outer east, still competitive and playing senior domestic at the Knox association, and an active organiser of youth basketball through his church involvement. Jay has played an important role on the board since AAU Australia first registered. Jay, a qualified plumber, is a director of a leading national commercial builder.

Brett Stringer - CEO & Secretary

With more than 1,000 junior representative and domestic basketball games coaching experience, Brett has witnessed the quality of Australian junior basketball talent first hand. Recognising the lack of exposure opportunities for this talent to advance their game to US College and beyond, he co-founded AAU Australia. Brett is the father of 4 children, all passionate ballers, and runs a consulting firm in Melbourne.

Sharon Murphy - General Board Member

As the mother of 8, Sharon is more than familiar with sitting on the sideline and supporting junior basketball. She has run countless sausage sizzles, cake stalls, and managed more teams than she can remember. Her desire to see hers and other’s kids achieve their best on and off court is a major driving influence in her life. Sharon is a Lawyer, and currently lectures in the Law Department at a Melbourne University.

Barbara Te Ture - General Board Member

Barb has years of behind-the-scenes organising, team managing, fund raising, and hand holding on her basketball resume. An organisational powerhouse for her domestic club in Melbourne’s west, she is dedicated to providing participation opportunities for as many kids as possible. Having also seen the AAU up close and personal in the US, she understands the gaps AAU in Australia can fill, and the positive impact it will have on basketball-loving kids lives across the country.

Michael Streeter - General Board Member

A Florida native who went from JUCO to a full-ride basketball scholarship at the University of Miami, Michael is deeply committed to helping kids use basketball as a springboard to a successful and prosperous life. He runs the BTR Ballerz program in Australia and has been a supporter of AAU basketball in the US for his whole life, and in Australia since it’s inception. Michael works as a Career Development Manager and has a young family in Melbourne’s east.

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